Taproom coming early 2017

Check out how the design votes turned out, bro 👇👇👇


Tap room design decided!

People like dark. Probably because you're all craft beer drinkers and slightly depressed, and into the macabre side of Santa Cruz. 

Impressed? Don't be. We still have to finish building it...


Tap Room Design votes

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More about us


Who the hell is Humble Sea?

(Finally, someone asked.) Humble Sea Brewing Company is a craft brewery founded in a tiny town in the Santa Cruz Mountains, established by three long-term buddies hell-bent on making the world just a little bit better through beer.

Don't believe us? Just stalk us on our InstagramFacebookTwitter, Yellow Pages or location-tracking GPS Systems! (We're kidding don't do that.)


What do they brew?

Beer. More specifically we brew a large range of experimental styles like our Playa Grande Mexican IPL dry-hopped with jalapeños, or our barrel-aged sour Belgian brown ale re-fermented with boatloads of cherries. 

But hey don’t worry little guy, we also make some of the most refreshing single-hop pale ales, juiciest IPAs, fruity saisons and Belgian Blonde Ales on the block. We brew beer for everyone. Feel free to peruse our beer lineup and see for yourself.