When: Saturday, March 18th at 11AM

Where: 820 Swift Street, Santa Cruz CA 95060

Yes, we are throwing a party and yes, there will be beer and yes, there will be games and there will maybe even be a cake. We don't know. What we do know is that we are doing some seriously amazing collaboration beers with some seriously amazing breweries and we're calling the whole thing the Carnival of Kooks.

The party will be on Saturday, March 18th from dawn till dusk aka 11am(ish) until dark time. Stay tuned for more party info and other announcements re: shenanigans. 

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6th Anniversary Box

This box will include an awesome assortment of anny beverages, but not all. We are doing many radical birthday beers and they simply couldn't be contained in a single 4-walled vessel! Butttt, the box is a hella dope assortment.


(4) 4pks & (1) btl : $110 plus shipping 

🍺 (1) 4-pack of Lager Language (5.2%) Double decocted Franconian Helles, a collaboration with @bierstadtlager

🍺 (1) 4-pack of Sea Urchin Petting Zoo (8%) TDH Hop Fused Foggy DIPA with Waimea, Vic Secret, and Citra. A collaboration with @aslinbeerco

🍺 (1) 4-pack of Jellyfish Juggling (10%) TDH Hop Fused Foggy TIPA with Nelson CGX, Strata CGX, and Riwaka, a collaboration with our frens at @purebrewing

🍺 (1) bottle of Humble Observation (15.2%) A blend of double barrel-aged stout aged for a range of 24-32 months with Mexican vanilla beans added to the barrel, a collaboration with @bottlelogicbrewing

🍺 (1) 4-pack of Carnival of Kooks (7%) DDH WC IPA with Strata, Simcoe, Mosaic incognito, Nelson CGX, Columbus cryo, AND Nectaron. A MEGA collab with @northparkbeerco @burgeonbeer @ghosttownbrewing @liquidgravitybrewingco @riipbeer @slicebeer @craftcoast @pizzaportbrewingco @alvaradostreetbrewery and @beachwoodbrewing

Boxes go on sale Wednesday, 3/15 at 11AM 

Available for shipping only.