Our Story

In 2009, Humble Sea Brewery began in the side yard of a seedy dwelling, located in Santa Cruz’s Pleasure Point. Nick Pavlina was in his early twenties and had recently graduated from Chico State University. He moved into the ultimate bachelor pad with his best friends in the heart of Pleasure Point. There were monthly parties, plenty of surf to be had and copious amounts of beer consumption. Nick regularly brewed, using his friends as a testing ground. 

Before long, his beer was in high demand. Seven years later, after circulating through a variety of Nick’s acquaintances, Frank & Taylor moved into the same 34th ave house. Where the original idea was planted, Nick’s dream sprung forward like a weed with just enough sunlight. Collaboration occurred. A team formed. Humble Sea Brewery ascended upwards.

Who started this thing?

Nick Pavlina

The head brewer and soul behind the beer. Nick has been consistently brewing since 2008 and graduated from the American brewers guild and Chico State, he currently owns and operates his own construction company when he’s not developing new recipes for the brewery. He specializes in brewing traditional European ales and lagers with a non-traditional West Coast Twist. 


Taylor West

Head of operations and killer ideas. Taylor currently manages West End Tap & Kitchen, a gastro-pub voted best in Santa Cruz in 2014. Over the past four years he’s built a strong network within the food service industry in Santa Cruz and is constantly finding creative ways to solve problems in this startup environment.

Frank Scott Krueger

Media and marketing creative, has designed mobile apps, brands, websites and products for some of the world’s top companies including Expedia, Jawbone, USA Today and some radical tech startups. He has co-founded two tech startups and currently owns his own design studio where he works when he's not screen printing bottles for Humble Sea.