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So you wanna be humble? We take our roles pretty damn seriously at Humble Sea and we’re looking for leaders with kick-ass attitudes and creative ways to solve problems.

If that’s you, venture on.

Sales & Logistics

Email with your resume, cover letter and the subject “Sales”

Quick overview:
The Humble Sea Wholesale Executive delivers an outstanding customer, employee and community experience consistent with the Humble Sea brand values while exceeding budgeted revenue goals and managing expenses responsibly.

While this role is customer facing in nature, we are looking first and foremost for an inspirational and humble leader. The best candidate builds rapport with accounts and beer outlets, motivates employees by example, is open to taking risks and learning from mistakes without fear, and is receptive to feedback in order to grow.

This is a new position and will evolve over time. The description below is more about the type of person needed for the role and less about fulfilling daily tasks. This position will be further defined as our sales program grows, and the candidate needs to be open to pivoting strategies and roles on short notice.