Humble Kitchen 2.0!

Our Community Manager, Stacey Alonzo, did a good ‘ol fashioned Q+A with our kitchen manager, Emily Bruni, to learn a little more about Humble’s Sea’s newest culinary venture-our very own food truck!

Humble tacos.jpg

How long has the truck been open?
It's been officially open for a little over 3 months! We popped it off right at the end of May and had a couple really good holiday weekends. The community has been guinea pigs, and we’re honing in on what kinds of food they love to eat.

Where do you source ingredients from?
Our produce purveyor is local from Watsonville, and they connect with all kinds of local farms that give us juicy goodies and things that we can switch up seasonally and as our inspirations change.

What's your goal for the customer in eating food at the truck?
One of my favorite things is looking out from the truck door after people pick up their order and watching them take their first bite…and they’re either totally silent and just absorbing the goodness of the food or they’re totally pumped with their friends. You can see from their gestures that they’re vibing on it, they’re pairing it with a sip of beer, and they’re stoked.

Are there any specials we need to know about?
We’ve been running a tacos and beer lunch special Tuesday through Friday. That’s been really cool to see more of a lunch crowd come in and people hang out with us on their lunch break. We also have some ideas in the works to bring in an earlier crowd on the weekends…something to help them start their day or recover from the night before.

We’re actually testing out the brunch concept this weekend for Labor Day! We’ll thinking breakfast burritos with scrambled eggs, sweet potato hash, black beans, Oaxaca and cheddar cheese, salsa verde, and guacamole…also mimosas!

We take as much pride in our food as we do in our beer.
— Emily

What's your dream menu?
My personal favorite cuisine is a tug of war between Mediterranean and Mexican so maybe doing a fusion between those two. You know, having those fresh, vibrant Mediterranean flavors in combination with some of those warm chili and cumin spices. I would definitely incorporate jackfruit too- it’s such a baller fruit. I love tricking people sometimes into eating awesome veggies and thinking, “I know this isn’t meat, but how are they making these flavors?”

What's your favorite part about working at Humble Sea?
Ooooh! I would definitely say the community! It's not the place but the people that make the place. I see people gathering at these community tables, and the table itself is such a beautiful concept and a metaphor for coming together. It’s a place to make new friends, meet your friends, or see your neighbors and bond over this communal experience of all choosing to be at this place at the same time.

Come visit the truck Tuesday through Sunday. For current menu and hours, click here. And keep an eye on our Insta for current specials, including the launch of brunch!


A Philly transplant, Emily found her tribe here in Santa Cruz and thrives on the sense of community. She’s an avid traveler devoted to experiencing culture through the lens of food.