Holy Sh*t, Humble Sea Pint Glasses?

Cofounder Taylor West crushing a new Humble Sea nonic pint glass with Billie the dog.

Cofounder Taylor West crushing a new Humble Sea nonic pint glass with Billie the dog.

HOLY SHIT! We're tickled pink to announce that after nearly two years of construction, our brewhouse expansion is officially complete. We're making more beer now than ever before and for once, can offer larger pour sizes with more options on to-go beers.

Pint Night this Wednesday!

To celebrate, we'll be hosting our version of "Pint Night" this Wednesday from 5—10PM where a brand new Humble Sea pint glass with a 16oz fill is available for $10 (standard price to buy a pint glass is $7). Pint glasses are limited, so the deal is accessible for the first 100 buyers. 

From the brewery's origin, it's remained our priority to make great beer available to all types of beer drinkers. Regardless if you're Joe Sixpack transitioning into craft beer or one of Santa Cruz's local beer nerds; Thomas Ferarri Bentley or Jay Tank Top Thompson executing their ten thousandths Untapped check-in, we want beer available for you.

The Backstory...

When opening the taproom in March, we manufactured from a 1 barrel brewhouse (that's two kegs of beer at a time!) and were repeatedly running out. A typical scenario might look like so: keg a new IPA on Thursday, tap it on Friday and be out on Saturday. Thus, to keep from running entirely out, beers were restricted to 12oz pours with no growler or crowler fills. Now, we're finally making more beer, meaning larger pours, more affordable pricing and even more to-go beers.

High gravity and specialty beers will remain in 12oz glassware (ex: IIPAs, imperial porters, IPL with Jalapenos, etc.) but more crushable styles like pales, IPAs, browns, and blondes are transitioning into pints.

If anyone ever said opening a brewery is easy, then they're fucking delusional. So when accomplishing something like brewhouse expansion, it's a must to get together on a hump day and crush some beers. Seriously, it's a requirement. 

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