Giving $ Before Making $

The Allie Blonde Ale will be one of our beers on tap tomorrow to help raise funds for the O'neil Sea Odyssey at the Food Lounge

The Allie Blonde Ale will be one of our beers on tap tomorrow to help raise funds for the O'neil Sea Odyssey at the Food Lounge

Bad Idea?

Allow the picture to be painted: you’re a tiny, microscopic, underfunded business, yet you're hell bent on making the world just a tad bit better. It could take years, possibly decades to reach financial freedom so contributing to charities through hefty donations is out of the question. Therefore, how do tiny companies get involved in the community without financially handcuffing the business?

There are two ways to give back as a business: 

  1. The first is to make a ton of money and become a philanthropist when you're old (like Bill Gates)
  2. Build "giving" into your business plan from the beginning. The belief that there is no point in starting a business if it's not making the world a better place. Give before you are profitable.

Local go-getters like David Dennis lead through example; assembling local events and bringing awareness to nonprofit organizations. The O’neil Sea Odyssey, a catalyst for connecting elementary children with environmental education and conservation, will be the focus of Friday night’s Food Lounge festivities. The Faces of the Sea Odyssey will be a FREE event where participants like Ocean2Table, Ser Winery, and Ventana Surfboard and Supplies donate 10% of all proceeds to the O’neil Sea Odyssey.

Where does Humble Sea Brewery fit in? People love beer, especially free beer. From 5-10pm, Humble Sea Brewery will be pouring free tasters for event partakers; facilitating good times and event fluidity. (If you want full pours you can support us and the Food Lounge buy grabbing a pint on tap!) Furthermore, a strategically placed tip bucket will be available for contributions. 100% of those tips will be donated towards the O’neil Sea Odyssey as well. Humble Sea Brewery hopes to raise an additional $300 for the Sea Odyssey.

Why do we feel compelled to give back before we make money? 

Putting an emphasis on social responsibility will (hopefully) motivate our employees, deepen our relationships with all of you lovely humans, andsimply putit's the right thing to do. “Customers want to know how you’re making the world a better place,” says Erin Giles, a business philanthropy consultant who helps entrepreneurs find causes they’re passionate about.

Companies like TOMS, Google and Microsoft have grown to a level where millions of lives are positively affected by contributions. Recently, Google donated over $11 million to humanitarian relief for refugees and migrants while TOMS has branded the “one-for-one” movement, providing shoes, eyesight, water, safe birth and bullying prevention services to people in need.

From a brewing perspective, Finnegans, a Minnesota based brewery, donates 100% of its profits for food to local food banks while Allagash Brewing Company raises charitable funds through an entire series of beers. Local breweries like Santa Cruz Mountain and Discretion participate in weekly fundraisers where a portion of their sales are donated to local community groups.

Humble Sea Brewery believes that a business should be built with society in mind. 

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