Dear Richard Radcliff-We're Serving Beer

Dear Richard Radcliff ,

Admittedly, we’re a tad jealous of your nomadic beer travels, it sounds like an unparalleled opportunity. Santa Cruz is pulsing as a beer community. Breweries and craft beer bars are sprouting up more abundantly than shoots of grass in the spring. Santa Cruz citizens appear to reject large scale vendors and root for the small, local merchants. To get a better understanding, check out this awesome article written by Molly Lautmo which breaks down Santa Cruz’s growing craft movement.

Home for Humble Sea Brewery resides under a redwood cluster in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Thankfully, you did not find us because we have no tap room (yet). 

This past year has been a roller coaster ride of highs and lows-standard startup life. Stick around town; your skepticism can be put to rest because Humble Sea Brewery we will be pouring at three radical January events:

  1. This Weekend, January 8th/9th - The pouring of our Allie blonde ale for The Coffis Brothers & The Mountain Men at Don Quixote’s in Felton. Last Year, this set of shows sold over 200+ tickets each night. This year, projections suggest an even bigger turnout! Bring your dancing shoes because the CoBros are modern day rock stars that know how to let the good times roll.
  2. January 24th - Tap takeover at West End Tap & Kitchen. Humble Sea Brewery will pour 6-10 different beer styles starting at 11:30 a.m. and going till the kegs kick or West End herds the crowd through its doors. This is an opportunity to sample an array of styles and satisfy that lingering itch. Got hunger? West End Tap & Kitchen is renowned for it’s flavorful gastropub grub.
  3. January 30th - Twisted Tasting. With over 150 vendors and 500 tickets available, the Civic Auditorium will play host to an evening of exotic beers, ciders and cocktails paired with circus acts and entertainment. We will be serving two different styles. For more information and tickets click here.

Richard-we appreciate you voicing your skepticism. Understand, we’ve been working our tails off in preparation. Nick hasn’t slept a wink in the last week. Besides brewing, Nick and his wife Samantha gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Penelope. We hope you stop by one of the events for an introduction. We would be happy to answer any other questions you might have.

Rock on!

Team Humble Sea


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