4 Preemptive Steps Taken To Ensure Launch Party Success

Developing a well-rounded repertoire of skills is required for any aspiring entrepreneur. Success does not come from an idea or product; instead, it’s the ability to endure, take on new roles and execute (in our unsuccessful opinion). With only days to spare before Humble Sea Brewing Company officially kicks off their growing beer business, Nick, Frank & Taylor have been wearing multiple hats in order to execute their biggest event yet.

The Event

Sunday, January 24th, West End Tap & Kitchen (334D Ingalls St, Santa Cruz) will host an all day Humble Sea tap takeover starting at 11:30 am.

Featured for the first time will be an array of our beer styles: experimental lagers, traditional west coast ales and barrel aged specialties. Did someone say jalapeños?

With backgrounds excluding event coordination, Humble Sea is learning on the fly how to put a square peg in a round hole. “Events have proven to be challenging,” said Nick Pavlina, Humble Sea’s cofounder and head brewer. “Intricate planning, coordination and timing are all required to make sure things go as smoothly as possible. This particular event has been in the works for over three months.”

With a "clear" vision of success, Humble Sea outlines 4 preemptive steps taken to ensure launch party success.

Taylor West pouring a beer at West End Tap & Kitchen, making it look easy. 

Taylor West pouring a beer at West End Tap & Kitchen, making it look easy. 

  1. Negotiations-Lacking their own tap room, Humble Sea Brewery needed a venue with specific requirements: location, capacity, date, the right quantity of taps, pricing and the event’s duration were all negotiated. Established parameters allowed Humble Sea to get the ball rolling early on.

  2. Marketing-After solidifying a location, Humble Sea’s manpower began spreading the word to get beer drinkers through the doors. Email blasts, press releases, social media publications, posters and door to door invitations were all steps in the scheme.

  3. Preparation-Knowing the event required three months of work, Humble Sea Brewery prepared a lengthy ingredient list plus the ordering of all required equipment. Items like kegs, cold storage, and transportation were factored into the equation. Furthermore, each beer required a full day of brewing plus several weeks of fermentation. Add in extra time for carbonating, cleaning and kegging; a three month window looks intimidating.

  4. Organization-Once the beer is carbonated and kegged, the venue needs to be structured efficiently. This includes: clean tap lines, beer availability, product descriptions, menu organization, and updated pricing in all of West End’s computers. Being a one time event, everything must be completed late Saturday night after the restaurant closes.

Although challenging, events are a great way to showcase product, generate buzz and raise awareness. With a few minor events under their belts, Humble Sea Brewery is excited to execute an anticipated Sunday afternoon tap takeover. 

More information about this Sunday's Tap Takeover here.

What’s that? You’re not available this Sunday? Humble Sea Brewery will also be pouring beers Saturday, January 30th at the Twisted Tasting and Friday, February 5th at the Faces of the Sea Odyssey. See you there!

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