#Beerweek (national holiday in the making)

Humble Sea Creatures were getting crazy this past tuesday at West End Tap & Kitchen.

Humble Sea Creatures were getting crazy this past tuesday at West End Tap & Kitchen.

Humble readers,

After a stint of working overtime, we needed a few filtered pints to help clear our heads and cool our jets. A sporadic trip to San Francisco on Tuesday did the trick; one of our humble founders (and wordsmith of this blog) Taylor West and his girlfriend Dana orchestrated their own miniature pub crawl. Zeitgest, Cellarmaker Brewing Co and Twenty First Amendment Brewery and Restaurant occupied their evening agenda. Cellarmaker Brewing Co., a spectacular surprise, housed Saison Francisco, one of the best tasting saison’s they've consumed to date.  

As beer week intensifies, we find every excuse to get out and socialize. Tuesday night, Frank, Chris & the rest of the Humble Crew gathered at West End Tap & Kitchen for the featuring of Uncommon Brewers. The stage was set with live music, like-minded patrons, photos, gourmet food and substantial amounts of craft beer. The lights came on, last call was ordered but the party didn’t stop. Wednesday was dedicated to Beer30 and special guest Firestone Walker and Barrelworks Breweries. We had to get our hands on FSB’s Helldorado, a bourbon & whiskey barrel aged blonde barleywine being released for the first time outside of the brewery. The 12% ABV nearly put us on our tale after one glass! For beer related activities this weekend, visit California Beer Festival's website.

ARE  YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?! Meet us Friday night at Cosmic’s Design On Tap event. Saturday we will dancing front row for Foreverland, a 14-piece electrifying Michael Jackson tribute band playing at the beer festival in the Aptos Village Park. Dancing shoes and moon boots required.  

Be safe, have fun, and quench your craft beer thirst. As our friend Bee Carney loves to say, “Mucho Take It Easy” our humble friends.


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