Ready, Set, Go!

Humble Sea Beer Handoff

Alright folks, so here’s the scenario: we want to start a brewery. A craft brewery, specifically. A really good one. We love craft beer, we love the idea of creating a brick and mortar business, we have a strong desire to help people, yet we have no money. Zero. None. Zip. Nada. Zilch. How do we embark on this venture with only a sack full of ideas and no dinero?

We are a group of three individuals with a diverse set of skills and a strong passion for wanting to help others. Don’t let me fool you. We are far from being perfectly angelic citizens but we figure if we could create some awesome tasting beer and congruently help the community then why wouldn’t we? These questions intrigued us, and helped spawn the idea of a craft brewery with a purpose.

Frank Krueger1 Comment