Dear Humble Sea

Dear Humble Sea Brewing Company, 

I consider myself a nomadic beer journalist. I travel the states sampling the finest brews, recording every sip along the way. My expedition has taken me from Mac & Jack’s Brewery in Redmond Washington, south to Iron Horse Brewing and eventually to Santa Cruz with plenty of pitstops in between. The brewery list is so lengthy that I’m publishing a traveling brew book.

With my arrival in Santa Cruz, I’ve sampled the works of top local breweries: Sante Adairius, Discretion Brewing, NUBO, Corralitos, and Santa Cruz Mountain, to list a few. With every sip, my brewery total climbs. Rumors of others have surfaced: Shanty Shack, East Cliff Brewery, Elkhourn Slough and Humble Sea. With so much potential on the horizon, I refuse to leave until I’ve tasted them all.

With a name like Humble Sea, I scoured the coastline and sought out the calmest of waters, envisioning a brewery nestled tenderly along the shore. With failed attempts breeding frustration, I halted a passerby for interrogation. Pointing towards the redwood wrapped mountains, he instructed I follow the river towards the tiny town of Ben Lomond. The clues were few. The beers were elusive. After combing the hills and quizzing the residents, all I found were signs of a fraud. Humble Sea seems as real as a mirage. I can buy a shirt but I can’t buy a beer? 

If I am to include Humble Sea in my traveling beer guide, I will need the following questions answered immediately: 

Where the heck are you located?

Help me understand where your beer can be purchased?

What sort of beers do you brew?

How big of a system are you currently brewing on? I believe anything less than five barrels is for home brewers.

Will Ben Lomond be your permanent location? You’re trying to tell me I can’t drink a Humble Sea by the sea?

Your website says Beer. Community. Design. Besides the community drinking your beer, how do you plan on getting them involved?  

I have a daughter in Calgary Alberta named Nikki who is tired of drinking Labatt Blue at Flames games. I have a son in Saint Louis, Missouri who can’t stand the sight of Bud Light. When can they expect to have Humble Sea Beer? Those folks drink a lot! 

My time is valuable. Your response is necessary. If you do not respond within one week and if I don’t have a beer within two, I will exclude Humble Sea Brewery from the list. 


Richard Radcliff

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