Lupulo and Beer Thirty: everything they're cracked up to be

How we love you so! Photo by  Edible Monterey

How we love you so! Photo by Edible Monterey

When we're not downing the beers we fail to bottle properly, we have our preferred beer havens in Santa Cruz. Beer Thirty Bottle Shop and Pour House and Lupulo Craft Beer House act as our sources of inspiration when searching for palatable stimulation. Unique and relatively new to Santa Cruz’s craft beer scene, Beer Thirty and Lupulo put their best foot forward by seeking out the top beers this country has to offer.

This past week at Lupulo we've had the opportunity to drink the Duchesse De Bourgogne, a Belgian top-fermented reddish-brown ale, Cellarman, a barrel-aged saison collaboration between Sante Adairius and Triple Rock Brewing, and Cali Creamin’ on nitro. Finding great beer at Lupulo is like sending a knife through hot butter (hint: it’s easy). Need help finding the right style? Don’t hesitate ask their knowledgable staff; Chris the Brooklynite is our go-to beer wizard for recommendations.

Travel east and you'll find refuge with thirty rotating taps, 250+ bottles, and plenty of room for outdoor drinking activities. In other words; Beer Thirty acts as a playground for adults (and us). Bring your dog, bring your friends, and bring the hankering need to quench your thirst because Beer Thirty offers Santa Cruz’s widest beer selection. From pilsners, to pumpkin stouts to IPAs and sours, Beer Thirty knocks it out of park with options and ambiance.

Moral of the story; we are lucky enough to have access to places with a world-class beer selection in our very own (small) town. We view Lupulo and Beer Thirty less as bars and more as galleries that host some of the best-curated collections in the country. 

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