Our Story

Humble Sea started as a fiercely underfunded collaboration between 3 budz from the Santa Cruz Mountains. The brewery was bootstrapped on a 1 barrel brewing system on Nick’s grandmother-in-law’s farm in rural Ben Lomond before the boys had enough guts (and bucks) to open the brewery and taproom on the Westside of Santa Cruz.

We like to think of our beer as vehicle for change. Romantic right? But really, who wants to save whales without drinking a beer? Since the beginning we’ve obsessed over the humble vision of becoming a community hub to support ocean-based causes and human rights issues. We’ve raised tens of thousands of dollars and gobs of awareness for local groups and non-profits thanks to the community of Santa Cruz, the Bay Area, and beyond (we see you Sacramento).

But first, there was homebrew. In 2009, our head brewer Nick Pavlina, began homebrewing under the alias of Humble Sea. After several national homebrew medals he pitched opening a brewery in late 2014 to cofounders Taylor West and Frank Scott Krueger. Collaboration occurred. A team formed. Humble Sea Brewing Co. ascended upwards and into billowy fog of soft water profiles and Southern Hemispheric aromas.


The Crew

It's a fact, the losers below are just the founders. The ones who came up with the idea, bootstrapped the company for several years, and made a shit-load of mistakes. This company is nothing (we mean nothing!) without the team.

Also a fact: we have the greatest brewers and beertenders of all time. The best way to get to know them is to come in for a beer and ask awkward questions about dress code and carbonation levels. 

You can also get a damn good feel for them on our Instagram :) 

Who started this thing?

Nick Pavlina

Head Brewer, Cofounder

The head brewer and soul behind the beer. Nick is a second-generation Chico State graduate, learning to homebrew from his dad back in 2008 and obsessively brewing ever since. After graduating from the American Brewers Guild with a degree in brewing and engineering he set out to make this damn dream a reality. Beyond fixing literally everything in the brewery, Nick specializes in brewing traditional European ales and lagers with artistic and distinctly American twists. But hey, he brews some damn good hoppy stuff too.

Taylor West

Taproom & Accounts Manager, Cofounder

Manager of our taproom, sales, and operations. Taylor comes from a background of creating rad experiences at places like West End Tap & Kitchen (a gastro-pub voted best in Santa Cruz), Lúpulo Craft Beer House, and East End Gastropub. When he's not sweating profusely in our taproom he's shredding nectar little waves, reading and/or bio-hacking his body to perform better than yours. 

Frank Scott Krueger

Creative director, cofounder

Designer, brander, and in-house pretentious hipster. Frank's background is as a creative director for design agency Good Knife that focuses on designing apps for fun brands like Spotify, Looker, Expedia and his mom (seriously she had a design firm). He's had strange and roller coaster-esque experiences founding startups and and making art of his own. When he's not screenprinting random shit for Humble Sea you can find him traveling, snapping pics or drinking crispy beers around the globe.